“This is a fantastic place to learn and participate in CrossFit!  Anyone can do it even if you have never exercised in your life!  The coaches are very knowledgeable in all areas from fitness training to nutrition!

If you haven’t stopped in do so, I think you will love what you see and will want to give it a try.

-Kelly Riley Palmer

The community feel to this gym will give you the motivation and support you need to reach your fitness goals.  I get excited to work out each time I go and I have loved making new friends throughout the process!

-Alysa Wismer

Ever since I started CrossFit training with Coach Cooper he has always been helpful and encouraging…He is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of running a top notch box!  I am positive this box will soon be in the news as being one that turns out championship level athletes on a regular basis!

-Joel Mckeehan

Cooper Palmer’s coaching is excellent.  He’s so passionate about helping people.  Since I’ve known him he has not stopped moving forward – whether he’s asking questions, watching videos, or signing up for another certification…it’s clear how important it is to him that he’s providing the best coaching that he can.  He is a skilled coach and athlete in many facets of crossfit: strength, endurance, mobility, diet, etc.  He’s open to trying new things so long as they promote a healthy lifestyle.  Let him help you!

-Kylar Lundin

Great environment, everyone was so helpful for a beginner cross fitter, especially Cooper!

-Carrie Shaw Sisson

Stellar programming world class coach this place is the real deal if you are ready to upgrade your fitness level.

-Christopher Kelsey

If you’re not looking for a positive atmosphere, a great workout, and constant encouragement no matter what your fitness level, don’t come.

-Kyle Moz Maziarski

Best shape I’ve ever been in.  It just keeps getting better.  Cooper and Zeke are the best instructors!

-Toni Van Valkenburg

Work Hard. Have Fun. See Results.

See how we can help you achieve your fitness goals while working out in a fun, energetic community!