Hey everyone,

Wanted to write a blog post about making small fixes in your movements to achieve more efficiency and strive towards excellence in everything we do.

There are many movements in CrossFit that are challenging, we all know this. There are movements that seem like you can practice forever, and your never going to have “Perfect Form”. The great thing is, if you control your mindset in how approach it, your performance and health will go light years beyond where it was when you started all of this.

Im not writing this blog to talk about extreme technical movements like a snatch, muscle up, etc. Im writing to talk about basic movements, because if we can master the basics, we can have more success when trying the harder things.

So think about  basic movement, (air squat, jump rope, rowing, pull ups, running,  lunging, our warm ups etc. ) Now think which ones you can be better at….. Hopefully your thinking all of them!

We as a fitness community need to strive for excellence in all things we do. I cant talk about all the little fixes but below is a link of a video me and Kylar shot for this post. Kylar is a great example, she moves well in most all things, but little fixes make her that much more efficient in her workouts. In the video you will hear me talk about her feet and her arch/hollow positions. Just a week ago we literally had to take a couple steps back and reinforce that technique because she was only able to do 3-5 unbroken pull ups. 20 minutes of practice and she was stringing 8-10 unbroken because she was wasting less energy!  CHECK THE VIDEO BELOW..



Now you may be going this is all great advice but… ( insert excuse).

As coaches we have one hour of class to make everyone get alot of work done to the best of our abilities, and keep them safe, and having fun doing it.

Little things may very well be improved upon in the pre workout warm up, and the post work out. More likely than not you will not get better once the 3,2,1, go sounds off…. merely because your to focused on going fast, and working hard. We get it. IF you can do you best to listen to the cues during the WOD this would help, but we understand.

Please take time before and after class to hammer out some technique issues. Practice, practice, practice.  A coach may be able to help you, but please keep in mind our coaches offer personal training where you can spend a full hour of undivided attention on specific goals.

Moral of the story, if you don’t have a movement keep working at it! If you do have a movement, how can you move better. Don’t be satisfied with just being able to do it, lets do it well.


Keep Grinding!