What Our Gym Offers

Rock Springs Location



Functional Fitness G.P.P. Program for well rounded health and fitness




Specialty program to get Strong as *@#$! ( not always on schedule)



Intro Program – 4 personal training session to get you started with Iron Cowboy



Apex Predator

Middle School and High School sports performance programming and personal training


Personal Training

1 on 1 training to meet your specific needs and goals


WAG Nutrition

1 on 1 nutrition coaching. Eat the right way to get your best results ever!

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Remote Programming

Remote programming is a completely custom programming service where you video chat with Cooper and set your goals and a plan to reach those. This is custom to your time, equipment, lifestyle, everything. its a minimum 3 month commitment, and you video chat 1 x per month to change anything if needed, also have communication open through the app that we send the programming through.

Remote Programming Online Programs

Green River Location


Iron Cowboy

Strength & Conditioning

Iron Cowboy 24/7 is located in Green River, Wyoming at 1450 Unita Dr. It’s a 24/7-access strength and conditioning gym. It’s a great addition to our Rock Springs location, letting Sweetwater County residents have the option to utilize one or both locations.

It’s small but packed with the best equipment the industry offers, backing our commitment to excellence.


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