Couch to 5K -Fundraiser and Free Running Program


Couch to 5K -Fundraiser and Free Running Program

Hey guys, we don’t blog much but this was a good place to put a free program. We are hosting a CrossFit Comp June 5th and 6th. As a fundraiser for our kids program, and to encourage community involvement we are doing a “Free” 5K on the green belt in Green River that will start at Stratton Myers field. All we ask is that if you run, you consider making a donation.

Below is a free running program designed by a member of Iron Cowboy MATT HANSEN. Matt is a very knowledgable runner, and experienced runner. Last year Matt won the ” World’s Toughest Mudder” aka he knows how to run really far, and really fast.

This program has a very easy progression building up. Feel free to make adjustments or scale it down to make it safe, and manageable for you. With that being said, we hope this encourages anyone to GET OFF THE COUCH!

Hope to see you June 5th!