Body Composition Challenge:


With the upcoming challenge, there are many questions that could be floating around your head. I would like to clear some of those up, to help you be more successful.

First, what is the real goal of this challenge? I’ll leave that up to you to determine; however, we are hoping to start the tracking process of lean body mass. Ideally, we will gain lean muscle, and lose fat. Some scenarios do not fit that bill though; some of the people participating may already have a low body fat % that does not need to change.

If you were to look at one common theme regardless of the person participating, the goal is to pack on as much muscle as possible, without supporting fat increase.

Some of you may be more successful in this competition by thinking of losing weight; many however need to start thinking about BUILDING.


How do you build muscle and not fat at the same time? 1. Eat real food 2. Train like a machine! 3. Only eat enough to support, and refuel the muscles.  I understand tracking food can be hard, zone, macros, etc.…  In reality, the first two are super easy, you more likely than not, can follow the first two, with zero consideration of the third if you stick to them. If you only ate things that can be killed or grown you’re on the right track.  As far as losing lbs. it honestly comes down to burning more calories than you take in. If you end each day in a negative calorie balance you will lose weight.  Too much of a calorie deficit and you will lose muscle as well! Its best to just eat good foods, and keep the muscle refueled as clean as possible!


Here are a couple more thoughts I have spinning in my head as potential excuses:

1. Programming-  Blaming the programming for your results or lack thereof. I promise the upcoming programming will produce a change in your strength and muscle size if not only followed, but followed with intensity! Listen to your coach, attack the workout, and leave your negative thoughts outside the gym. Take your workout and crush it!  Following the most basic training principles of any program can produce results if you work your f***ing ass off! 

2. Some girls may fear of getting too big. Most women, unless taking PED’s or a testosterone replacement therapy are not going to look the way you’re afraid of. “Wait, even the CrossFit girls on TV are really jacked.” Yes, they are! They also train 365 days a year as it is a full-time job, they eat, sleep, and breathe getting better at their sport. They sacrifice many things, and workout extremely hard to look and perform how they do. You have a 45 day window we are asking you to hammer down for…. 45 days..

Simply put, most girls who lift heavy things and increase their muscle mass look good and look healthy. 

2a. – “I just want to tone though….” There is no such thing, you build muscle, or you lose muscle. The girls or guys that are tone, eat clean, and train hard, the more muscle you have the more “tone”. They eat foods that support muscle, not fat.  The leaner muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn naturally in a resting, and non-resting state. 

We will be posting recipes each day for the 45 days, to help you along your journey.


Here are some additional tips that can help:

Sleep! – one of the most important factors to recovery is sleep, it helps with hormones that repair, and rebuild.

Water: you should be consuming a minimum of half your body weight in ounces per day. Try to eliminate sugary drinks (juice, pop, mixed drinks.) Coffee is not bad if you can keep away from the crap people like to put in it. 

Post workout nutrition: If you can consume a fast acting protein (whey protein shake) post workout right after your workout that is the most beneficial–the sooner you start repairing (what protein does) the better. 

Creatine- this is a very effective supplement for building lean muscle, and getting stronger. It’s one of the most researched supplements to date, so don’t worry about those old myths of how bad it can be for you.


Talk to a coach if you have questions, eat clean, train mean! Let’s do this!