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Iron Cowboy CrossFit is a place where anyone looking to change their health and fitness can come. It’s a community built around hard work, that supports and motivates others around them. We wanted to bring a gym to the area that allowed all types of people to come together and do nothing but work their butt off and reach their goals. We strive to be our best, to help you be yours! We believe in working hard, and working smart.

Iron Cowboy CrossFit is a locally owned and operated private training facility. Iron Cowboy CrossFit is the premier strength and conditioning gym in Sweetwater County. We have a professional staff with years of experience, and certifications to help our athletes achieve their goals: CrossFit, Sports performance, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, health & weight loss.

One of the most unique things of Iron Cowboy CrossFit is the community. We have become a tribe of like-minded people who give their best each day.


We are proud to WALK it, and talk it. Coaches that live and breathe fitness to make you the best version of yourself. We are always going to pursue more education to further benefit our members.

Safety First!

Mechanics, consistency, THEN intensity. We are not afraid to tell you to pull back on the reigns if your effort exceeds your technique.


Welcoming, supporting atmosphere


Iron Cowboy does not settle with mediocre coaching. We will be the best to help you see improvements in your fitness.


This is not a program that wants you in and out. We want you to stick around for the long run. We believe in helping you realize just how amazing of a machine your body is and what it’s capable of! The goal is to make health and exercise a lifestyle, not a fad.


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